We have a long way to go to live up to our nature-filled 2015. Last year, it seemed like every few days there was a new sighting. Bears, moose, bobcats, and everything else under the sun was popping into town to stretch legs and remind us that they were here first.

This year, we got the early warning from DEEP: Do not touch the bears. Do not feed the bears. Stay away from the bears. But what followed was weeks of quiet and very few bear sightings.

Well, it may be a late start, but 2016 is finally moving things along with its first major bear event of the spring. According to a report from NBC Connecticut, people in West Hartford spotted the bear wandering through yards and climbing trees over the weekend. DEEP responded, tranquilized it, and relocated it to a more bear-appropriate location.

That’s good news for the people in West Hartford¬†and for this bear. Everything went according to plan: The bear minded its business. The people minded their business. No one tried to film the bear or take selfies with it. DEEP responded appropriately, and now things go back to normal for everyone.

Bear stories can vary pretty widely depending on how people behave, and this is the kind we like to hear. Keep being proactively passive around these critters and no one has to get hurt. Keep up the good work, humans. Lets have a spring full of safe bear interactions – for the sake of every man, woman, and animal out there.

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