There’s so much to do in Connecticut, it’s hard to pick where to go on a nice summer day.  Let Reader’s Digest help you out.  They picked out this year’s best family travel attraction in CT in their latest national roundup.

So, Reader’s Digest picked Connecticut’s very own Maritime Aquarium in Norwalk as their top family destination.  Honestly, I totally agree.  Because there’s so much you can do at the Maritime.  It’s educational, fun, and you get to hang out with some of Mother Nature’s coolest creatures.

Not only that, the Maritime joins several awesome attractions for this honor, too.  Like, RD picked Disneyland as and Wrigley Field as California’s and Illinois’ best destinations.  So, to be named a top attraction alongside those places?  Yeah, that’s pretty awesome.

It’s a big deal to appear on the same list as Broadway, The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, and Glacier National Park.   And, like I said, the honor is totally deserved.

Kids can run around and interact with various species in Maritime’s “Touch Tank.”  Not only that, they can also enjoy the eye candy known as the Jellies exhibit.  Plus, who doesn’t love watching excited seals at mealtime?

In addition, one of those seals has psychic abilities.  Yeah, Orange the Seal predicted the Pats would win the Super Bowl.  Name any other attraction that can offer anything close to that.  I dare you.

Plus, if seals happen to not be your thing, you can also watch their daily shark feedings!

Not only that, the Maritime Aquarium has an AWESOME IMAX theater, which just so happens to be the largest in Connecticut.  Also, the projector light is so bright, you can actually see it from the moon!

So, congratulations to the Maritime Aquarium for winning such a huge national honor!  What’s your favorite thing to do there?

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