Seriously, with all the negativity permeating the news lately, this story will most definitely boost your spirits.  Because it’s honestly the sweetest thing to ever happen.  And that’s exactly why this Connecticut car dealer went viral for all the right reasons.

So, today’s heartwarming story comes out of Newstimes.  One Danbury dealership, Ingersoll Auto, held a special life-changing contest where one lucky winner would get a free car.

No strings attached.

Seniors of Bethel High School had to send in a 2 page hand-written letter detailing why they needed a new car and had 10 days to do it.   Whoever wrote the most convincing essay would get the keys to a brand new car delivered right to their door.  On Facebook Live.

About 60 kids in all entered.

But, as Todd Ingersoll put it, the company found choosing just one winner difficult.  They received way too many passionate letters and, after much debate, narrowed the entries down to five finalists.

Ingersoll explained during his Facebook Live giveaway:

“It really tugs at your heart strings, some of these stories.  I can’t tell you how proud I was to read the essays that you wrote.”

In the end, Ingersoll picked three lucky winners for the top prize.  And each student received his or her very own Chevrolet Cruze.

Nadya Redmond and Sophie Morten received used Chevrolet Cruzes, one light blue and the other black, to get them started for college.

However, the grand prize winner took home a brand new and shiny black 2017 Chevrolet Cruze.   Christopher Joyce’s handwritten letter deeply moved Todd Ingersoll and his staff, who overwhelmingly chose him as the winner.

Joyce wrote how he’d be attending college in North Carolina and that a car would greatly help him reach his new parish, located 10 miles away.

Joyce also happened to be watching the Facebook Live video as Ingersoll began to praise his essay. Which, obviously, made the grand prize giveaway all the more sweeter.

Obviously, the giveaway went viral.  Be real, how many auto dealers willingly give away vehicles based on an essay contest?  Not many.

So, Ingersoll’s contest happened to really strike a chord with pretty much everyone who watched it.

Here, check it out:

Ingersoll, a Bethel High graduate of 1988, said he put on the contest because he wanted to challenge the students to test their luck.  By deciding to enter, they could potentially win something that could lead them on the path to success.

What do you think of this essay contest?  Should more dealerships host competitions like these?

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