I think he misunderstood “being natural.” Or something.  Because this guy decided to go hiking.  Naked.

On the bright side, this means Connecticut Man is back!  We definitely missed him.  It’s been, oh… a solid month since we last had an incident?  About time, seriously.

So, NBC Connecticut reports that Anthony E. Ingraham decided to let it all hang loose during a hike up Sleeping Giant.

Man, this guy must have been wearing killer bug spray to chance that.  That, or he scared away the bugs with his amorphous body.

Actually, I don’t know what kind of shape Ingraham’s in.  But, in my experience, those who enjoy exposing themselves to others don’t have a body you’d enjoy seeing.  I don’t think anyone would complain if a Calvin Klein model dropped their drawers in front of them.

This rule also applies to those who cat-call, strangely.  I dunno, in my experience, those who shout obscenities at me tend to look like a background character from Deliverance.   So, maybe there’s a connection here.  I’ll let you know how I feel the second a model shouts over to me about how nice my butt looks.

Anyways, Ingraham managed to get away with this because hit the trail naked… twice.  But, what’s most impressive is when he did it.  He took his Au-natural strolls in April, on the 1st and the 9th.

When it was super cold.

So, this guy can not only fight bugs off with his naked body, this Wallingford fella channeled his inner Queen Elsa.

I guess that’s somewhat admirable?   But, then you realize he basically exposed himself to a bunch of people, which makes him a definite creep.

So, where is Anthony Ingraham now?  Well, he turned himself into Connecticut State Police and had his bond set at $10,000.  If you wanna see a (fully-clothed) Connecticut man in court, you can catch Ingarahm on the 19th.

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