It’s no secret that Connecticut’s pizza scene is the best around.  Honestly, we’re home to some of the best pizza in the world.  Probably the entire universe.

Seriously, move OVER Chicago and New York City.  Honestly, their pies can’t even compare.  Even in their wildest dreams because Connecticut is the birthplace of pizza.  By the way, it is also the pizza master.

First of all, the wild debate over Pepe’s, Sallys, and Modern being best is known internationally.  People visiting from out of state HAVE to eat at all three and then pick their  favorite.  So, if you walk into a bar and casually ask who’s the best; either you start a screaming match or make new friends.  Seems like you get one or the other.  Never both.

Most of all, whenever you ask who makes the best pizza, Connecticut usually comes out on top.  We’re home to the most devoted pizza fans.  Also, the most spoiled devoted pizza fans.

Anyways, looked at the bountiful list of pizza places our state has to offer and crafted the ultimate road trip.  It consists of 11 delicious stops that are totally worth using up a tank of gas.

Actually, I think OIYS looked at comments from their previous roundup to get their latest data.  I mean, the author is technically living in Iowa.  So, there’s that, too.  Since she can’t really do the research by herself no matter how much she wants to.

Good thing is, your friendly staff at CT Boom (mostly Kevin – our local pizza connoisseur) approves of this list.  Mostly.  Actually, I didn’t ask them at all but I know, deep down, they’d give their blessing.

So, this is for all you pizza lovers out there with a bucket list.  If you’re craving the best slices the world has to offer, these are your hot spots.

So, which pizza pit stop would you add to this roundup?  Or, is this the best roundup you’ve laid your eyes on? Also, on a scale of 1 to 10, how much better is this than their last list?

Without further adieu, here’s the 11 pizza stops in Connecticut you should visit before kicking the bucket.

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