We already know raising a child in Connecticut is uber expensive.  We also are well aware it’s expensive, regardless, to live in Connecticut.

Our cost of living is sky high.  College tuition keeps going up.  New taxes are made on the daily.  And our wages are… to put it gently, rather sucky.

So, to add salt in our tremendous wound of being unfortunate residents stuck in this great Smurf blue state, I present to you another study that will make you cringe.

Fox 61 reports that in order for a family of 4 to get by in this state, they have to make $65,000.

$65,000.   Well ain’t that a peach.

May I add the reminder that number will allow a family to live an AVERAGE life.

This report comes on the heels of a study over the summer that says it’s dang near impossible to afford raising a family here.  This also comes after an alarming report saying the state is experiencing a historically low birthrate AND people are leaving Connecticut in swarms.

Basically, this is one GIGANTIC plea to all our representatives, both Republican and Democrat: get your ACT together.  $65,000 for parents to raise two kids in this state?  Heck, this even applies to single parents with three kids.  I mean, those families exist, too, and their needs are equally important as the good ol’ nuclear family.

Considering an increasing amount of individuals work with stagnant wages or at minimum wage, Connecticut is asking its LITERAL bread and butter to do the impossible.

So, yeah, with people spending most, if not all, of their income on making sure their children will have a better life than they do, that’s the reason why our economy has one foot in the grave and the other on a banana peel.

Connecticut Food Bank’s CEO Bernie Beaudreau spoke with Fox and gave an even dimmer picture, saying more and more people of the state are becoming food insecure,  “Since 2008, Connecticut has seen an additional 50,000 people in poverty.”

CFB currently serves about 300,000 people in its Wallingford-based branch.

So, with a super important election coming up and a ton of incumbents fighting to keep their seat… keep this in mind.  Have things gotten better for the very people these politicians claim to champion?

Yeah, really chew that one over before casting your ballot on the 8th.  We have more than just Trump and Clinton to deal with, Connecticut’s fiscal stability is literally hanging in the balance.

And the vast majority of the voting base can’t hold on much longer.

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