When naming the state’s safest town, all eyes fall on Fairfield County.  And for good reason.  They hire some of the finest first responders money can afford.

And, well, they can afford quite a lot.

Darien Times reports that Connecticut’s safest town is, indeed, Darien.  A recent survey from Safewise gave the Fairfield County town the honors.

Who is Safewise?  It rates home security and other security systems on its independent review site.

However, our state as a whole shined brightly in this report.  Connecticut reportedly has a violent crime rate that is 42% lower than the national average.  Cue Owen Wilson’s “wow.”

So, it’s no wonder how a good chunk of CT towns made it onto Safewise’s “100 Safest Cities in America.”

As for Darien, their violent crime rate shines on a national level.  For every 1,000 crimes, only 0.05 of them is violent.  Which means only 0.41 percent of their overall crime rate is violent crimes while 99.59 percent is property.

This also makes Darien the 54th safest town in the United States.

Of course, the town took a shining to the latest report.


So, who made up the rest of the top 20 list?

Coming in 2nd, Ridgefield is our state’s 2nd safest town.  2.78 percent of their overall crimes are violent while the remaining 97.22 is property crime.

Newtown came in 3rd, Cheshire in 4th, and South Windsor rounded out the top 5.

However, Fairfield County did make a strong showing in this year’s list… but not as strong as year’s past.  Only 7 Farifield County towns placed this year.    However, they did rank rather highly on this year’s list.

Still, the fact that so few towns managed to land on this year’s list might be a direct result of the rise in car larcenies.  Basically, people keep leaving their cars unlocked with the keys inside overnight.

Which means thieves make off with thousands of dollars each night and, sometimes, a really nice car.

Anyways, did your home town make this year’s list?  If not, do you think it deserves a slot?  Also, what do you make of this list… utterly bogus or is it right on the money?


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