This is such a cute idea!  Two elementary school teachers in Tennessee wants to teach her students how big the world really is.  But, in order to do that, they need us to send them postcards!

In a Reddit post, teachers Mr. Arwood and Mrs. Lisa work at Valley Forge Elementary in East Tennessee.  Basically, it’s a tiny rural school like the ones we see in middle-of-nowhere CT.  Actually, I came from a similar district and that’s why I’m so behind this.

City kids learn early on just how large the world truly is.  For us rural kids, we tend to learn a little later because we’re “country bumpkins.”  I remember seeing NYC for the first time and my mind being absolutely blown.

In order to illustrate the world outside of Tennessee, the teachers want to collect postcards from every state and, hopefully, country!

Currently, the teachers say they collected postcards from 30 states and 40 countries.  But, they’re missing a couple, including Connecticut.

Apparently, the students fawn over each postcard.  So, if you have a very cool looking one on hand, send it in!  It’ll blow them away.

Personally, I hope CT sends in the coolest postcard because of the stiff competition.  On top of that, the teacher plans on sharing the postcards with the entire school, too!  Eventually, the teachers intend on sharing this project with the local media and other educators.

Just don’t forget to add your name when you send your postcard in.  They do thank everyone who participates.

So, if you want to send off a postcard, or have family in other states that you can reach out to, here’s the address.

Valley Forge Elementary
Mr. Arwood/Mrs. Lisa
1485 Riverview Drive
Elizabethton, TN 37643

Here’s the official Reddit post in /r/Connecticut:


Elementary Students Asking for Postcard from Connecticut! from Connecticut

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