Okay, have you ever felt the crippling embrace of hopelessness?  Like, all at once?  For example: I feel that whenever I open up my phone bill.  Luckily, my breakdowns happen in the privacy of my home.  Meanwhile, others happen in public.  Like the library.

With kids wrapping up finals, their stress levels are at an all-time high.  Some of them handled finals like a pro while others… well.  It depends on what you consider an adequate coping mechanism.

So, one unfortunate soul had that soul-crushing epiphany of doom.  Unfortunately for him, someone caught it all on camera because it happened in the library.  They caught all the stages of grief: denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and acceptance.  Honestly, the guy falls apart in a matter of minutes.

However, instead of pointing and laughing, most of the comments are, “I feel you, bro.”

We’ve all been there. We all remember that one point in our studies where we realized we have absolutely no idea what we’re reading.  Considering finals take up a majority of your hard-earned grade: that student was well within his rights to engage in the fetal position.

Also note: the nation’s rising anxiety levels.  In Connecticut, it’s pretty bad.

On top of that, Connecticut says it’s dealing with a rising population of traumatized children.  Considering high levels of stress causes trauma, it means something unhealthy is going on.

Wow, this article got real very fast.  Let’s put on the brakes and go back to the goofy ha-ha stuff.

Anyways, if you’re searching for a cathartic video to suppress your own feelings of uncertainty and hopelessness, look no further.

Who wants to bet the state unions are having a similar meltdown with all those concessions?

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