Over the last couple years there has been a new found interest in trying to be an internet star. Whether it be taking the perfect selfie that will generate more likes than you’ve ever had before, filming the dog going down a water slide, kids after the dentist, or even this summer’s ALS Ice Bucket Challenge craze. Which granted was for a great cause, but the fact is everyone wants to be seen and go viral.

So what nonsense is going to flood your Facebook, Instragram, and Twitter feeds this fall?

Get ready for Back to School bits. A lot of them. Parents taking celebration videos on the front steps, kids taking photos with wacky signs, bus drivers trying to be stand up comedians. All of it. On a level that has never been seen before. This movement will be insane and make your second grade first day of school photo your mom took on the front steps of the house you grew up in seem like it was in 1902.

Perfect example is this Massachusetts Mom doing the “Happy Dance” while her kid gets on the bus and shipped off to school…



This is just the beginning. Get ready for it.

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