Connecticut is known for many great things, like being the birthplace of the best foods in the world: pizza and hamburgers.

Our beer scene is also worth bragging about.

However, when The Daily Share had the amazing opportunity to talk about it for their article “Libation Nation: 50 Beers for 50 States,” they completely and utterly blew it.

Yep. We got the redheaded step-child treatment: totally ignored.

We’ll give them the benefit of the doubt for now.  Maybe it’s all an honest mistake.  Maybe.

I mean, Connecticut hasn’t been making national headlines every day like Washington D.C.  Which, by the way, stole our spot on the listical.  Woof.

But this inspired a huge discussion at the CT Boom studios and we started talking/raving about our favorite local craft brewers.  So, when The Daily Share remembers that Connecticut is, indeed, a state – here are our suggestions.  Check ’em out and let us know your favorites!


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