As a New England Patriots fan it has been really easy to hate NFL commissioner Roger Goodell over the last few years. Naturally the Patriots being in the Super Bowl this weekend has re-energized all the Deflategate nonsense.

Most of the hate being spewed towards Goodell is obviously is coming from the upper region of the north east. Of all the hate I’ve seen over the last two years this video from a Brooklyn dwelling Patriots fan has to be the most random, angry, ridiculous of them all.

(WARNING: Some of the lyrics are NSFW)



You have to admit the video is impressive. Funny and super creative. The brains behind it is Laura O’Dea. Laura lives in New York City now, but was born in New Hampshire.

“I don’t write music but I hate Goodell so much, that I was inspired, I can’t wait for this Sunday. The fact they made it this far has got to be killing him.”

O’Dea wrote and recorded her song, “Dear Goodell, Love Boston,” in just a few days just last week. She was fueled by her passion to expose Goodell who, she believes, is a fraud.

Clearly not everyone is a fan of the video. Specifically everyone outside of the New England region. To which Laura says,

“I lived in New York during Deflategate and I’m friends with a bunch of Jets and Ravens fans, so it was hell. I still think the whole thing was an attempt to stop the Patriots as a winning franchise because it’s bad for business.”

This was the first recorded song O’Dea has ever made. Could it be the start of a new music career?!


“My next song is probably going to be about how hot Jimmy Garroppolo is,” said O’Dea. “I’ve heard rumors that he’s going to get traded, and I get it, but it’d be a shame.”


As a Patriots fan myself I appreciate the effort and passion Laura put in to making this hilarious video. But really  all that matters is what happens come 6pm Sunday night when Tom Brady, Bill Belichick and the rest of the Patriots go for their record fifth Super Bowl ring.


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