What’s become of Roseland Ballroom? The famous NYC club venue shut down April 2014 to make room for a 62 story condo building (because that’s what NYC needs right now). The old Roseland has been OK-ed for demolition, but the destruction of it has been a slow, painful death. People who work in high rise buildings around the old, beloved ballroom have to look at the saddest sight ever. Instagrammer Jake Weinstein uploaded this one a couple days ago:

Is that Noah's Ark? Nope, just what's left of Roseland.

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MY EYES! LOOK AWAY! Raise a glass for the ballroom’s memory tonight, because it’s currently rotting away in the NYC cold. At least put a nice tarp over the thing! But I guess no one really cares-in the end-that’s why it’s being knocked down anyway.

Top Image: (c) iStock/Thinkstock

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