I am lucky enough to have been on more than my fair share of cruises. I’ve cruised through the Caribbean. I’ve cruised around Hawaii. I’ve even cruised along Alaska.

Every time I’ve boarded a giant boat/hotel/restaurant group/entertainment venue, the experience has been a good one. More food than you’d ever be able to eat. Opportunities to either relax or do activities. And, of course, enough drinks to make me forget that I was surrounded by miles and miles of empty ocean that could swallow me without a second thought if I made one wrong move and fell over board.

But my positive experiences can’t change the fact that this video of a cruise ship on rough seas is basically my worst night mare. Just look at what a few choppy waves are doing to this thing:

Forget sea sickness. Forget having trouble walking in a straight line. Forget your luggage and belongings flying about inside your little cabin room. Those are all problems, but the real problem here is that all the life vests and evacuation boats in the world won’t do you any good if your giant cruise ship capsizes! And while this boat eventually made it safely into harbor, there were several seconds there where it looked like this thing wasn’t going to stay upright.

This video won’t stop me from recommending cruises. The fact that you can go to spend a day somewhere, get on a boat for dinner and a show, go to sleep, and wake up in an entirely new place is hard to beat. And despite my perfectly rational fears about the dangers of the ocean, it’s a wonderfully relaxing way to travel.

Unless this happens. If this ever happens to me, I’m moving to a landlocked state and wearing water wingies for the rest of my life.

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