If you didn’t click on this article based on the title alone… you’re lying.  Anyways, great news for Connecticut foodies! Especially for those who love wieners.   Three hot dog stands officially rank among the best in the nation.

The Daily Meal compiled a list of the nation’s top 75 hot dog joints and three of their picks came right out of Fairfield County.  I know, that means New Guida’s and Auggie & Rays got the cold shoulder.

But, I assure you, Daily Meal didn’t pick just any random locations.  They picked some pretty awesome places that serve mouth watering wieners.

And, all three picks have won some serious awards, too.  So, I trust the experts knew their stuff.  Considering they called the perfect hot dog a “paradigm-shifting, transcendental dining experience,” I think we can trust their judgement.

Also, their method of curating the list of America’s best hotdogs seems pretty legit, too.  In order to be considered in their national roundup, a place needed to attain “a level of local renown, whether small-town or big-city.”

Sure, they used local reviews as part of their survey.  But, taste and reputation among locals remained the biggest factors.

By reputation, Daily Meal wanted places that sourced “the franks from well-respected local producers.”

So, if you haven’t had any wieners from these highlighted local joints, make plans.  Because they seriously are the best of the best.

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