There has been quite a buzz in Bridgeport lately about Amazon’s next home…

This would be great for Bridgeport. A city that is trying to rebuild into the city it has the potential to be. We’ve come up with a few things the city should add to their Amazon cart. Hopefully they are Prime members.

3 Echo (link)

Just thing of all the things Bridgeport could ask Alexa about!

“Alexa: Why is there another tire in the harbor”

“Alexa: How many 9% beers from Brewport is too many?”

“Alexa: Where are the Bluefish going?”

2 Beat The Dealer Black Jack Book (link)

With all this news about MGM possibly breaking ground for a new casino in Bridgeport you’re going to want to know when to double down.

1 Batman videos (link)

There is a lot of similarites between Bridgeport and Gotham. The biggest being the elephant in the room in every conversation about Bridgeport… crime. Who better to fight crime in the city than Batman himself.

Binge watch every possible Batman video you an find (yes even the animated series and terrible campy Adam West years)


Good luck, Bridgeport. Hope to see you soon, Amazon.


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