First things first – I know they don’t hover so they can’t actually be hover-boards, but that’s what everyone calls them, so that’s what they’re called.

And that’s that.


If you were lucky enough to not only wake up on Christmas morning and get a hoverboard, but get a hoverboard that doesn’t explode, well just know that I am no longer jealous of you. And it’s not because I got one (although I have ridden one – yes, successfully – and it’s not nearly as awesome as you think it’ll be).

It’s because odds are you won’t be able to ride them anywhere soon – except for at home or in a hotel hallway.

Want to bring it to UConn for the Spring semester? Nope. Banned.

How about University of Hartford? Quinnipiac? See above.

All three schools have said no to the hoverboards on campus grounds. So, in other words, that $400 was not the wisest investment to shave off 18 seconds in getting to class.

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