You might want to start tucking your pants into your socks and wearing nothing but longer sleeves. Heck, I’ll probably zip myself into a human-sized plastic bag, so that’s an option.

Why all the effort put toward becoming a real-life version of the Bubble Boy? Ticks.

Connecticut has a pretty serious tick problem. According to The New Haven Register, the percentage of deer ticks in Connecticut carrying Lyme disease rose to 31 percent last year. That, plus last years’ headlines that many ticks survived the harsh winter, were¬†bringing new incurable viruses to Connecticut, and justified a giant Connecticut Tick Control truck, and I’m basically terrified to go outside.

I mean, what do we have to do to catch a break here? It’s bad enough that Lyme disease is literally named after a town in our state (forever putting the blame for Lyme disease on us), and it’s worse still that the wacky weather and climate change and all that stuff only seems to make ticks stronger and better at finding humans. Can’t we just have one year where the tick forecast isn’t a science-y version of “stay inside or else”?

Apparently not. After a brutal winter last year, I thought it might be the year. I thought the snow would’ve killed off a bunch of them blood suckers. But no. And now this year not only are they getting a nice, mild winter to work with, they’re also upping their infectiousness.

I guess I better get used to being indoors. I’ll be spending a lot of time there for the next forever or two.

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