Just when we thought the news couldn’t get any worse. Meat lovers, do your best to avoid the lone star tick because its bite could potentially cause a red meat allergy.  Also, their numbers exploded in the state.

NBC Connecticut reports that South Norwalk became somewhat of a hot spot for these ticks.  Officials found a heavy population of them on Manresa Island.  The island is closed to the public.

These guys first showed up around this time last year and it appears they really made the island their new home.

Officials first discovered them here after investigating a deer behaving “strangely.”  Unfortunately, they soon learned the deer didn’t have an illness.  Ticks covered the poor thing from head to toe.

A DEEP officer said the ticks “completely covered its eyes, ears, head, and neck.”

Yeah, these guys are also known to swarm things.  The Lone Star tick moves faster than our run-of-the-mill ticks, which allows them to cover their prey.  Fun, right?

Another thing these ticks are somewhat famous for is their bite, which could cause a red meat allergy.

They also carry ehrlichiosis and spotted fever rickettsiosis, too.

Dr. Goudarz Molaei of the CT Agricultural Station, says you’ll know if one of these little dudes bite you:

“This tick has a painful bite and causes severe inflammation which is why if exposed to this tick bite it has severe ramifications.”

So, if one bites you, call your doctor to mitigate any chances of infection or inflammation.

On the bright side: they don’t carry Lyme disease.  But I’d rather deal with Lyme than never be able to eat a hamburger again.  I know, I have mentally sound priorities.

Either way, if you don’t want these dudes crawling on you, cover yourself in tick repellent and wear light colored clothing outside.  That way you’ll spot these guys a little bit easier.  They are very unique.

The Lone Star tick has a black body with a little white dot just behind its head.

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