The winter of 2014-15 will go down in history as one of New England’s most miserable ever. There was record cold. There was record snow. There was record sadness and a record volume of tears. There was probably record back soreness from shoveling all the record snow.

The point is, it sucked in record fashion. But, it did have one potentially good purpose: Killing ticks.

You see, ticks hate the cold. Like us, it makes them miserable and weak. Unlike us (in most cases), it kills them.

So naturally, you might you think, “Hey, we had record cold this winter. It was literally the worst, but maybe that means we’ll have record low numbers of ticks around New England this spring. Then maybe our suffering would be worth something.”


I’m sorry to tell you this, but apparently that same snow that got down your sleeve one time and made both your arm and your heart ice cold can actually act as insulation for some creatures, including ticks.

According to The Hartford Courant, researchers are well aware of this fact and are looking to see “a higher abundance of ticks in the spring.”

And guess what? They’re not just in the woods anymore. Apparently the snow insulation may have given them some super human-seeking abilities because one researcher said they’re finding ticks in city parks, on playgrounds, and at college campuses.

So thanks a lot winter. Somehow, even when the season has already changed, you’re still finding a way to screw us.

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