They’re here.  And there’s lots of them.  The dreaded lone star ticks, whose bite can potentially cause a red meat allergy, finally established themselves in CT.

WFSB reports that these blood suckers managed to weasel their way into Manresa Island in South Norwalk.  Good thing is, the island’s closed to the public.  So chances of them spreading from there is somewhat impeded.

However, you know it’s only a matter of time before these pests start spreading to other parts of the state.  It’s because they’re really effective travelers.  Like, eerily so.

They mostly prowled Southeastern America until they began marching their way up north.  Their territory expanded every year and, after a decade or so, they finally made it up here.

Connecticut’s Department of Energy and Environmental Protection officials called the discovery the first “established reproducing population.”   All prior ticks brought in for local testing came from other states, most likely carried in on birds.  So, this is a major game changer in CT’s tick landscape.

Officials also call this a “heavy population of the lone star tick,” which means they didn’t just get here.  Dr. Kirby Stafford explained that, “A population of this size has been established, unreported, for many years.”

Officials only learned of their existence following a report of a strangely behaving deer.  It wasn’t a pretty sight, either.

A DEEP officer reported that the lone star ticks “completely covered its eyes, ears, head, and neck.”  The amount reportedly on the animal could only be described as “incredible.”

And that’s another thing these ticks are somewhat famous for.  On top of having a bite that can possibly make you allergic to your beloved red meat, they also swarm things.  It’s because these guys are somewhat faster than the other species of ticks.

On the bright side: they don’t carry Lyme disease.  But I’d rather deal with Lyme than never be able to eat a hamburger again.  I know, I have mentally sound priorities.

Good thing the public can’t access Manresa Island, but now you have an even better reason to avoid the area.   Should these guys make it to other parts of the state, CT Boom will let you know.

If you need further information on the lone star tick, click HERE.

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