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A New Haven officer in trouble for going to a student’s workplace and asking her to his place for a “full-body massage”. I couldn’t find the details as to if he would be giving or receiving the massage. I know a cop’s job is stressful but this probably isn’t the best way to deal with it.

The officer works at New Horizons, a school for students who have been arrested or experienced serious trauma. A school doesn’t seem like an appropriate place to be making passes at students let alone one who caters to those in need of help.

The officer was suspended for 10 days with three more held “in abeyance” The officer is no longer allowed at the school and has been assigned to patrol.

In response to why the officer wasn’t fired Police Chief Anthony Campell said that the officer’s actions “may be morally reprehensible to me. It may be offensive. But I can only discipline for what I’m responsible for.” Meaning if it happened when he wasn’t on the clock it’s no big deal.

From the article:
The IA report, which was released to the Independent Wednesday in response to a Connecticut Freedom of Information Act request, quoted Elliott stating he did not remember some key allegations but overall denying that he committed “inappropriate” behavior.”

The comments offer up both sides:
“This is incredible that this person can be defamed the way this article is doing.”
“This is purely predatory behavior.”
“Sounds like Stalking 101 to me”

What do you think? Was this conduct wrong or do you think the punishment is an overreaction? What does this say about the Chief?

Via New Haven Independent

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