Meriden mom Jennifer Zubek is a little concerned over why her 7-year-old is getting free e-cigarettes mailed to their house. Which makes total sense. We’re all victims of the harassment of junk mail. Weird promotions and menus show up in your mailbox and usually go immediately into the trash. I’ve never really thought about how they got my info or why anyone would think I’m interested in Catholic meetings in a basement because why would I care?

But soliciting to a 7-year-old for anything else but toys is too far. For any little kid getting mail is like getting a letter from Hogwarts. “It’s for me?!” You need to open it. And while a letter from Hogwarts would be truly amazing for anyone any age, finding an electronic cigarette roll out of the envelope into your son’s hands is definitely not as cool.

Zubek is most pissed about how the company got his information. Was little Tommy (not his name) hanging out at the local vape shop? Probably not. The company website says they don’t solicit to minors or non-smokers and only target people over 21 years old. Well, Mr. Tobacco you’re starting them pretty young these days.



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