The newest numbers out of the state capital when it comes to tolls are out, and Connecticut drivers are NOT happy at all.

Say it’s charging you four cents to every mile you drive. That would cost about $1.50 to go from Hartford to New Haven, and would be $2 heading from New Haven to Greenwich, or in the opposite direction- New Haven to New London.

If you’re trying to get to Massachusetts via I-91, the cost from Hartford to Enfield will run you an extra 80 cents.

These prices add up, especially if you’re doing this multiple times a day ( which people do) and if your job is dependent on you driving all over the state (which for some people, it does)

You’re getting charged possibly 2 dollars to get to work, and 2 dollars to get back home. Every day, for 5-6 even 7 days a week. I’m not a mathematician but that adds up rather quickly. We can see why Connecticut drivers are VERY upset about this.

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