If you’re not a fan of tolls, I have some potentially bad news for you.  Turns out our state is so hungry for money, our politicians are ready to do anything.

And to many, tolls are an appropriate solution.

CT Post reports that people swarmed the General Assembly on Monday night because electronic tolls were on the table.  And people were ANGRY.

I mean, who can blame them?  The mentality was summed up so perfectly by Gerard Nunan of Fairfield:

 “Don’t you get it yet?  You have bled the golden goose dry.”

Yes, we’re exhausted because we’ve seen this song and dance before.  Many times before with the same result.  Isn’t that the definition of insanity?

Anyways, many residents are largely concerned about how the tax will impact their dwindling finances.  It seems like everywhere we turn, Governor Malloy has enacted a new tax.  Bastions like Car washes, nail salons, and Airbnb all fell with the stroke of his mighty pen.

So, many are wondering when the madness will stop.   Taxes have skyrocketed and yet it seems the money isn’t making a dent in state spending.  In fact, Connecticut’s deficit has ballooned beyond comprehension.

In short, people have lost hope that a new tax will do anything but fuel our politician’s egregious spending.  Like the tolls will go through and our politicians will be hooting and hollering over how much more money they’ll get for their pet projects.   I mean, let’s face it, we’re drowning in debt yet Malloy wants to spend half a mil on two new statues.  Makes sense.

So, leave it to State Sen. Toni Boucher (R-Wilton) to lead the charge against tolls.

“Connecticut taxes too much and this is just another tax,” Boucher said. “It is the principal of the matter.”

But, her rallying cries seem to be falling on many deaf ears.

During the General Assembly, representatives seemed favorable of enacting the new tax.  I mean tolls.  Yeah, totally meant tolls.

Ridgefield First Selectman Rudy Marconi said the state needs to generate more revenue.

“Do (people) want to pay a toll? No. But they don’t want to pay more property taxes. If you are going to pay to ride a train and fly in a plane, you have to pay to use our roads.”

He also floated the idea of doing away with the gas tax should tolls come into play.

It appears his take on the matter has resonated with several residents, who want to stick it to out-of-state drivers.  Although, the majority of those in support of tolls also advocated for reduced prices for residents.  Gee, I wonder why.

But I get it.  Whenever I travel out of state, I have to pay tolls.  I don’t question it because I know this is the price I pay to use their roads.

And Connecticut’s traffic is insane.  Our highways are outdated.  A good portion of our bridges are falling apart.  So, it’s nice to think that if we were to implement tolls, the money would magically solve all these problems.

But we know better, don’t we?

Anyways, the committee aims to vote on the proposal sometime in the middle of March.  No dates have been set.

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