While the thought of tolls in CT seems to rub many people the wrong way the legislature’s Transportation Committee thinks the discussion should continue. The bill was sent to the House floor after a 18-13 vote yesterday. Public sentiment leans heavily against the tolls but there are financial shortfalls the state needs to make up for.

Gov. Malloy’s 30-year-plan has these toll revenues going to infrastructure improvements and maintenance. How exactly all that will work has yet to be determined. And there is always the concern the funds will be appropriated for some other use.

It looks like tolls are a forgone conclusion. If we don’t get tolls we are just going to see tax increases. Let’s face it, our roads are shit, our bridges are in disrepair and the money has to come from somewhere. At least with tolls the burden will be shared by out-of-staters passing through. Of course, I majored in Mass Comm. So what do I know?

What do you think? Tolls, taxes or nothing?

Via CTNewsJunkie

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