Patriots fans in the greater Hartford area could be getting a pretty sweet surprise from quarterback Tom Brady.

Tom who is known for championing healthy food options has teamed up with a natural candy company called UnReal to create some Halloween excitement in New England this week. Brady has put a surprise treat in 50 UnReal Halloween candy buckets across various New England Whole Food Stores including right here in the Hartford area of Connecticut.

The video Tom put up on his Facebook page is awesome. Casually walking around a Whole Foods with his UnReal mask on. Just think about all the Patriots superfans who were shopping in this Whole Foods that day who had no idea that their favorite quarterback was walking up and down the aisles. This might be the video of the year. That creepy Halloween grin Tom gives at the end of the video is incredible.


If you happen to be one of the lucky Hartford fans to get the Tom Brady surprise treat please let us know!



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