It actually feels like Groundhog day today because exactly like last week, we are preparing for a storm.  Augh.

While the nation waits for Punxsutawney Phil to emerge tomorrow, Connecticut breathes a sigh of relief because we have our own groundhog.  Her (note *her) name is Chuckles.  Chuckles, the female weather predicting Connecticut Groundhog.  Although the Punxsutawney Groundhog Club says that all other groundhogs are impostors, we’ll simply deny those claims and look to Chuckles for guidance.  

This, ladies and gentlemen, is what our world has come to.  Arguments over who the real weather predicting animal is.

Manchester Mayor Jay Moran claims that Chuckles is in fact the correct predictor of weather.

Tomorrow morning Mayor Moran will meet Chuckles at the Lutz Children’s Museum and determine our faith.  If she see’s her shadow, hunker down, six more weeks of this snowy nonsense… if she doesn’t, then rejoice! Spring is upon us.

The fools, err, Groundhog Day experts in Punxsutawney say that Phil is 125 years old and a magical elixir keeps him alive and forecasting every year- while Chuckles just comes from a long line of other weather predicting groundhogs.  Officials from Connecticut claim that she’s been consulting with meteorologists, looking at satellites, and searching the Farmer’s Almanac in preparation for the prediction that will happen at 6:45a tomorrow morning.

I just realized the absurdity of this entire article.

Here is a clip from a real news station reporting on this from last year.


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