The last few weeks have been a very interesting time for Stamford, Connecticut’s own World Wrestling Entertainment. They have gone from the very heights of a good will feeling from their fanbase, to the very depths of venomous hatred, all in a span of days. Let’s take a quick look back at what’s happened to bring us to tonight’s show:


January 8 – announcement of the WWE Network

An announcement that completely blew away anyone even with a passing interest in wrestling. Thousands of hours of classic programming, on demand; a continuous stream of programming; every pay per view event; new programming – all for just $9.99 a month!

Fan satisfaction level: YES! YES! YES!


January 26 – Royal Rumble

The moment when the audience turned on the company. Dissatisfied with the storyline direction of an old Superstar coming back after abandoning the fans for four years (Batista), and all because he has a movie to promote, then winning a marquee event, guaranteeing him being in the main event at the company’s flagship program Wrestlemania 30. Instead of a younger Superstar (who sells way more tickets and merchandise and has a preposterous level of vocal support, permeating even mainstream sports – Daniel Bryan).

Fan satisfaction level: BORING!


January 27 – CM Punk’s departure

A top-tier WWE Superstar, fed up with the direction of the company, and his placement within, simply stops coming to work (and goes dark on Twitter as well). This was the week that WWE had to hold emergency meetings to rewrite the direction of the overall storyline of the company.

Fan satisfaction level: BOOOOOO-TISTA!!!!!!


February 23 – Elimination Chamber

The start of when they actually start to acknowledge the dissatisfaction of the fanbase. At the end of the event, commentator Michael Cole acknowledge that Daniel Bryan has been screwed over countless times, how much more can he take! The next night on Raw, he said that the fans haven’t been welcoming to Batista since his return – even though they were supposed to…

Fan satisfaction level: YOU CAN’T WRESTLE!


Today, March 3 – WWE Raw in Chicago

Tonight at 8pm on USA is an absolute must-watch. First and foremost, CM Punk is actually from Chicago (and, if rumors are to be believed, will be returning tonight). But the real reason is just how tough a crowd Chicago is – they will be so amazingly vocal, the boos and cheers (but mostly the boos) will be deafening. They’ll boo EVERYONE – and the chants will be so clever and creative, that there’s no way the announcers can’t not acknowledge it. It will be absolutely amazing. But if that’s not enough to sway your eyeballs, you can always check out Hulk Hogan – yes, he’s back – and Aaron Paul of “Breaking Bad” – he’s the guest host tonight)

Fan satisfaction level: ??? (let’s just hope it’s “THIS IS AWESOME”)


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