Ash Wednesday, as always, falls in the middle of the work week.  So, finding time to run to your local church for your dollop of ashes is slim to none.  However, this year, the church wants to bring the ashes to you!

CT Post reports that Metro North commuters will be able to enjoy “Ashes to Go.”  Well, if you make a pit stop at Bridgeport’s train station.

Clergy members from three of the city’s churches will be on hand on Ash Wednesday.  The churches are Golden Hill Methodist Church, St. John’s Episcopal Church, and the United Congregational Church.

Basically, the idea behind this new movement takes in consideration how busy Americans are.  So, instead of waiting for them to come through the church doors, the church will come to them.

They say this new movement is “a new approach to a centuries-old Christian tradition.”  The tradition of drawing a cross with ashes is to remind the faithful that “You are dust, and to dust you shall return.”  It also inspires those who receive the cross to repent – ushering in the need to give up something during Lent.

But, as people became busier and secularism faded from importance, the church needed a change. The idea of bringing Ash to unconventional places started in St. Louis 11 years ago.

And, since then, it’s been a hit!

In 2012, the Episcopal churches of Trumbull offered Ash Wednesday services right by the Starbucks on White Plains Road.  The response was amazing.

So, now Connecticut’s religious authority hopes to bolster these services again.

Commuters need to be at the Bridgeport Train Station by 7:30am to receive their cross.

Do you think the church needs to be more flexible when offering such important services?  Or, alternatively, do you think people who partake in “Ashes to Go” are just being lazy?

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