Connecticut has revamped the “Click-it or Ticket” campaign and is after the motorists who still can’t figure out how to wear a seatbelt.  It has seemed as though during the last few years, police have turned their focus on issuing tickets for distracted driving (aka texting) but just like the DARE drug program, “Click-it or Ticket” is never really dead.

Starting today, motorists will be fined $92 if caught without a seatbelt.  They plan to run this initiative until June 5th.  Apparently that is the date where they no longer care if you are risking your life without a seatbelt.

I never understood why people were so anti-seatbelt.  What’s the benefit of not wearing one? Dying in a car crash?  Why would you take that chance? To look cool?

Anyway, every October 1st Connecticut updates their fines booklet.  To see what violations cost, click here.

But nothing is better than watching old “Click-it or Ticket” commercials for the ultimate in cheesiness.

  1. Because basketball makes sense when talking about seat belts.

2.  I like how this is sold as “funny”.  What about this commercial is funny?

3.  If this isn’t the most alarming thing you’ll see today, I don’t know what will be.

4.  This is actually my worst nightmare… Just a creepy cop at every turn.

5.  It’s the actual visual arrangement of this video that makes us feel like we should be arrested for drunk driving.  Who knew you could watch a seatbelt commercial and feel dizzy?!

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