There’s going to be some serious traffic issues during select weekends in Stamford along I-95.

The Route 1 bridge over exit 9 in Stamford is going to be replaced over the weekends of May 31–June 3 & June 7–June 10.

According to Sgt Robert Derry of the Connecticut State Police,

“That bridge was given a rating of poor, which obviously means to be replaced as soon as possible, so that’s why we are where we are today.”

If you’re in the area of Stamford during those two weekends, just STAY away, because traffic will be a disaster on Route 1 as the bridge is being replaced.

“We are using an innovative construction method that will limit detours to two weekends,” Deputy Transportation Commissioner Anna Barry said. “If traditional construction methods were used on this project, motorists would face delays for two years. It’s exciting that our department and state are using modern and cost-effective construction methods to rebuild infrastructure while minimizing overall impacts to motorists and business.”

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