Labor Day weekend kicks off today, and with that comes the unavoidable Labor Day Traffic. And, whether you’re coming home from work or going to that weekend getaway, you might have some company.

According to an article on WTNH entitled Traffic Higher Gas Prices expected for Labor Day Weekend, millions will be travelling this weekend. Many of them hit the roads already — so it might take you a bit longer getting home.

So when is the best time to be hitting the roads?

According to an article on Travel and Leisure entitled  Which Airports, Airlines and Days Will Have the Biggest Delays This Labor Day Weekend, the best days to do some travelling are Saturday and Sunday. Additionally, the article says that decent days to travel are Wednesday August 29, Monday September 3, and Wednesday, September 5.

Additionally, filling up might be a bit pricier than last year. WTNH says that the national average is about $3.84 for a gallon of regular. In Connecticut, that means that it will be about 20 cents higher.

But, what really hurts is when you compare it to last year. WTNH says that the price of gas increased 56 from last Labor Day.

Furthermore, be warned while driving that Connecticut Police Officials will be out in full force this holiday weekend. According to an article on Fox61 entitled Connecticut State Police Prepare for Labor Day Traffic, troopers will be “concentrating on their enforcement efforts” during the entire weekend. These efforts will be including: drunk driving, speeding violations, seatbelt violations, and distracted driving throughout the entire weekend. So, put that cellphone down and make sure that seatbelt is on.

The article goes on to say that they will be using both “traditional and nontraditional” state police vehicles while patrolling.

So, consider yourselves warning.

But, with that being said, I hope that everyone has a great — and safe — Labor Day weekend.


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