When we were kids, we all had a habit of turning our mostly innocent toys into things that were truly badass. At least, they were badass in our heads.

Sticks with just the right shape became machine guns.

Pillow forts became army bases.

And whatever mode of transportation we had instantly became the fastest thing in the world.

Of course, eventually we stopped pretending. We realized sticks were just sticks, pillow forts lost their mystique, and that old scooter or Fisher Price car just took up space in the garage. At some point, everyone grows up.

Well, almost everyone.

Two college students never stopped dreaming about turning their Fisher Price car or tricycle into something truly badass. And while they’re still kids at heart, they have since been equipped with a moderate degree of engineering knowledge. Dreams, meet reality.

They took a chainsaw motor and hooked it up to their childhood vehicle of choice. Then, they took their new badass-mobiles on a joy ride around campus.

So today, as you sit at your probably boring desk job and wonder what happened to all those childhood dreams of yours, watch this video and realize it’s never too late to jump into a pillow fort and pretend you’re the world’s only hope of survival.

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