Wow.  Not a headline I’d expect to write on a Tuesday, and yet here we are.

PokemonGO is back in the news and for the worst reason possible: gang signs.  Yeah, there’s legitimate people on the Internet who think it’s funny to get a bunch of tweens to flash the Latin Kings/Crips/Bloods gang sign.

Like, what do they expect will come out of this?  What are they aiming for?

Trolls are claiming these are PokemonGO team signs.

There’s also another version making the rounds.

UntitledComforting, isn’t it?  Players have been trying to come up with an easy way to identify fellow team members while they’re out and about catching Pokemon, so it’s obvious why these infographics have gone viral.  To some, it seems like a legit way to meet new friends!

Luckily, enough people have come forward to explain why making these gestures could lead to deadly consequences.  It’s not guaranteed that everyone has seen their warnings. though.

With PokemonGO becoming something of a worldwide phenomenon, there’s no wonder why it’s been garnering a lot of hate.  Some of it is justified with the stupid things players have done, like walking off a cliff or into oncoming traffic because they had to get that Jigglypuff.  I totally get it, people don’t like it and they want to stop hearing about it.

But this stunt crosses a certain line and takes things too far.  There’s no way these images can be classified as a practical joke.  Call me lame, but I really don’t understand why anyone would find this funny.

All it takes is the wrong person to see a PokemonGO player making one of those gestures for the situation to turn deadly.  Most of the players I’ve run into are 18 and under, so they’re probably not that well versed in gang signs.  Heck, I bet a good chunk of Americans have no idea what those hand gestures even mean.

With the Bloods, Crips, and Latin Kings very present in Connecticut, it might be a good idea to make sure no idiot kid gets killed because they thought they were flashing a “Team Valor” sign.


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