It shouldn’t come as a surprise that many Connecticut people say that Pepe’s pizza is enlightening.  After all, Pepe’s is widely considered one of the best pizza places in the state- and the nation.  But is it so holy that you can see Jesus in it?  One couple from Trumbull claims that’s exactly what happened this past Friday evening.

Melissa and Charlie Conti from Trumbull were at the Pepe’s location in Fairfield on Friday night.  They claim that it was just another regular “Friday night during Lent” meaning that they could not have any meat since they are devout Catholics.  Once they received their large plain cheese pizza, they both stared at each other in disbelief.  Melissa says “I can’t believe the waitress didn’t notice- It was so obvious.  It was Jesus staring right back at us through the mozzarella”.  Charlie agrees and says “I thought we were being Punk’d but obviously there were no cameras.”  They debated whether it was inappropriate to eat the pie, but ultimately decided that this was probably’s God way of letting them know that He appreciated their efforts to avoid meat on Fridays, so they snapped a bunch pictures of the pie then enjoyed it.

Here’s the picture they took- Can you find Jesus?





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