Image Via Trumbull Police

Image Via Trumbull Police

Think you’re having a bad day?  How would you feel if you had a metal watering can stuck on your head?  Trumbull officials had to come to the rescue of a poor deer that had done just that.

Trumbull Animal Control officers were called when reports came in that a deer was wondering the woods and thrashing around with something stuck on it’s head.  They had to leash the deer to a tree, wait for the deer to get tired enough that it stopped trying to escape, then an officer wrestled a metal watering can off of his head.  Apparently it was on so tight that it actually made a “popping” noise when it was freed.  They untied the deer and it ran off seemingly unharmed.

Having a watering can stuck on your head is pretty crappy but judging by this video, animals getting their heads stuck in weird places isn’t new.


Source: Ridgefield Patch


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