It’s a battle of town versus city this week when Trumbull sued Bridgeport.

Apparently this is a battle over crap… or sewage.  You would think neighboring towns would play nice, but apparently there was a disagreement on how Trumbull would pay Bridgeport for usage of their West Side treatment plant.  Dating back for many years Trumbull has used Bridgeport’s plant to treat their sewage.  It was in 1997 that the towns came to an agreement on how Trumbull would reimburse Bridgeport for the use.  BUT- instead Bridgeport started charging Trumbull residents… and now Trumbull is pissed and suing Bridgeport.

Why and how two major Connecticut municipalities can’t figure this out without lawsuits is beyond me.  All I picture is a large fence being built on all the borders that Trumbull and Bridgeport share.  The Bridgeport residents will not be allowed to cross the fence line out of fear of being prosecuted by law… Webster Bank Arena will taunt Trumbull and ban them from any events… Trumbull will not allow Bridgeport residents to go to the Trumbull Mall…  Ultimately there will be some kind of showdown that involves pitchforks and torches in the middle of the night for some kind of epic battle… Then a Bridgeport boy will fall in love with a Trumbull girl and we’ll have a Connecticut based Romeo and Juliet…

All of this over crap.  Literally.



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