In this new Netflix/Hulu/Apple TV/DVR universe, it is extremely rare for a television event outside of sports to be absolute appointment viewing for the entire country. Tonight there are two.

The first being the most anticipated Republican debate, possibly ever. Thanks to the force that is Donald Trump. There is not one person in the world who will not be tuning in to CNN at 8pm tonight just to see what Trump will do/say/yell/make fun of. This is not something you can even DVR and watch later. Because it will be truly unavoidable once those cameras go live. Your Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram feeds will be flooded with witty observations and hilarious jokes. Forget ‘Must See TV’; this is a ‘Must See Cultural Moment‘. Congrats to CNN who will be basking in all that sweet, sweet ratings glory.


The next TV event that will consume America tonight is the season 19 premiere of South Park on Comedy Central at 10pm.

Matt Stone and Trey Parker were basically served a delicious meal of news stories on a silver platter this year leading up to the new season. South Park is known for being extremely topical episode to episode. Matt and Trey are famously known for making last minute script changes just hours before an episode airs because something happened in the news and they had to get in that joke. Anyone who has watched the unbelievably fascinating South Park documentary 6 Days To Air knows fully well that you never want to miss the premiere episode of a new season.

Judging by the trailer it seems they will be tackling both Deflategate and Caitlyn Jenner in tonight’s premiere. I’m sure Trump will eventually get his at some point this season too.



Thank you Trump and South Park. For making appointment viewing television great again.

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