Chances of you finding a girlfriend for Valentine’s Day date now are slim to none.  However, love goes on past February 14th.  You wouldn’t necessarily think that since Americans go OVERBOARD on V-Day because we’re extra like that.

But, just because you don’t have a honey to hold in your arms on the most romantic day of the year, doesn’t mean you’ll never find love.  True, the day after Valentine’s may seem depressing if you wake up alone.  Then again, all you need to remember is that February 15th is also “75% off all chocolate” Day.

Which, if I may add, is a big win in anyone’s book.  Heal your lonely soul with discount chocolate.

It always works for me.

So, ladies, if you’re hoping that I give you some introspective advice on how to land a man, I got nothing.  Sorry.  That’s something the guys need to shine light on because I don’t speak dude.

But, allow me to act as your advocate to educate guys on how to make you go “Huh, I think he really likes me!”

Also, guys know little to nothing about what goes up in our frantic brains.  Come Valentine’s Day, they’re in overdrive and hustling to conclusions like a Patriot’s linebacker.  We don’t rush to conclusions, we tackle and sack any and all rational thoughts when it comes to romance.

Guys, you just utter the word “Hey,” and we ladies will automatically dissect it.

We’ll ask ourselves numerous questions to find out the intent and purpose of your singular syllable greeting.  Such as: was the tone friendly?  Does it sound like he wants to gift me with another sentence after that simple greeting?  Or does he secretly think I’m crazy and said hey because he’s afraid I’m gonna scalp him and lay his aforementioned scalp on my love shine in the back of the closet if he doesn’t make eye contact or speak to me?

Either way, ladies, our over-analyzing tends to go from 0 to 100 very fast.  Sometimes to the point where we have to blink, shake our heads, take a deep breath, and swear to ourselves that we aren’t going crazy.  We hate it, but it’s part of who we are.

So, buckle up my dudes if you want to score a date and have it last beyond the initial handshake or text message.  You’ll come out of this article wiser and better prepared to venture forth into the wicked realm of dating.

It’s time to teach you the ways of showing a girl you like her.  On her terms.

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