5. Ask Her Questions about Herself

Yes, it sounds completely silly but hear me out.  Girls TALK.  And if you genuinely want a girl to know you’re interested in her, let HER do the talking.  If you dominate the conversation, she will begin to short circuit because she’ll suspect you’re not interested in what she has to say.

Or worse.  She might start believing you think you’re better than her.

That’s the problem.  Girls over-analyze everything, including the cologne you spritzed on yourself in the car before walking into your designated date space.  “Mmm, Versace?  It means he’s fancy and maybe has an unlimited pasta pass at the Olive Garden!”

Anyways, the easiest way to show a girl you’re interested is to let her expound upon her God-given gift: the gift of gab.

If she starts talking about her job, ask her why she wanted to go into her field or what her goals are.  Trust me, girls like showing off their ambition.  It lets us tell you we’re not a dud.

But, honestly, if your date touches upon something that you have something in common with, keep making it about her.  For example, she talks about her upcoming vacation to the beach, you can go “Oh, I love that spot, what’re going to do there?”  Don’t hijack the conversation every chance you get because she won’t want to join you for date #2.

Seriously, guys, talk hobbies, best friends, school… use the first date to learn about her.  Girls decide pretty quickly if you’re worth a second date, so use this time to figure out the same.

Also, as the conversation naturally progresses, she’ll ask you questions, too.  Girls are really good at this “sharing” thing. Don’t make her fight to let her voice be heard.  That happens enough in the real world.

As an aside, text her once in awhile asking her how her day was,  It goes a long way because, to her, it means you were thinking about her.

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