When you’re in a situation that mandates emergency treatment, chances are you look for the closest hospital near you.  Rarely does a person think, “Hmm… where is the safest hospital I can go to?”

Turns out, after reading this, you may want to start thinking like the latter.

The Leapfrog Group is out with their annual The Hospital Safety Score report and have ranked all of Connecticut’s hospitals based on safety.   Oxford Patch nabbed a copy of the study and found that, overall, Connecticut does NOT have some of the best hospitals in the country – as previously boasted by… Connecticut.  How’s them apples, Governor Malloy?

Thankfully, Connecticut isn’t at the bottom of this list, but we can’t even claim to be in the middle of the pack, either.  This year, we came in at no. 36.  Yep.  Considering how fancy and cutting edge our hospitals appear to be, it makes you wonder how the other half lives.

So, if you want to be surrounded by safe hospitals, you should move to Hawaii, Idaho, Maine, Wisconsin, or North Carolina.  Those are the five states boasting of having the best hospitals in the nation.  If you live in North Dakota, sorry, you guys are chilling at the bottom of this year’s national roundup.

So, how was this study made?

LeapFrog Group analyzed data based on hospital errors: such as patient injuries, accidents, and infections.  They also reviewed data provided by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control to finalize this year’s list.  Overall, the nonprofit reviewed all of the nation’s 2,500 hospitals, including the 27 here in Connecticut, and compared them to each other.

Leapfrog President and CEO Leah Binder said they have a legit reason for pushing this study every year, “We believe everyone has the right to know which hospitals are the safest and encourage community members to call on their local hospitals to change, and on their elected officials to spur them to action. States that have put a priority on safety have shown remarkable improvements.”

Hear that, Governor Malloy?  This study gave you permission to stick your fingers into the hospital pie.   But then again, considering your terrible track record, you might want to sit this one out.

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