Wow, I guess this is our week of turning up dead last in every national roundup known to mankind.  Monday started us off with a report on our terrible food.  Today, our roads are the new national laughingstock.

Then again, I saw a Toyota Yaris vanish into a pothole this morning.  So, there’s that.  Made my morning commute slightly more interesting.

So, the U.S. Department of Transportation took a hard look at what the state of the nation’s roads and determined that everything was terrible.  Apparently the federal government has been neglecting the country’s roads like a red-headed stepchild.  While some states fared better than others, none of the findings were very kind to Connecticut.

Then again, they’re not really enlightening us with new information over here.  It’s pretty much a given our roads and bridges are terrible.  We just didn’t know how bad until now.

Well, we had a theory.  A pretty solid theory.

Turns out Connecticut has THE worst roads in America.  Yep.  Considering rumors that our Governor was bidding to become Hillary Clinton’s Transportation Chief… that’s kinda sad.  And funny.  Too funny, actually, considering our Governor also took contractor’s money to do a ton of road construction over the past few years.

And look at where that got us.  A whopping 50th place.  Good job, Danny-boy.

So, feast your eyes on this astounding report and tell me how it makes you feel.

How Much Are Americas Roads Costing You In Car Repairs? Infographic

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