You may have not realized it, but during the last few years Connecticut has become a hot spot for movies to be filmed and television shows to record.  Along with tax breaks and favorable working conditions, your chance to bump into Meryl Streep filming a scene on Greenwich Avenue has significantly increased.

Although stumbling upon a movie set is not that simple, there are many opportunities to actually see a live taping of a television show.  Here are a few currently available to attend:

1.  The Maury Show, Stamford, CT

2.  Jerry Springer, Stamford, CT

3. The People’s Court, Stamford, CT

4. The Steve Wilkos Show, Stamford, CT

But maybe your dream isn’t so much about attending a taping and checking out Judge Marilyn Milian- Maybe you have aspirations to be the next big star… or at least the next big extra in a filming.  Connecticut actually has a site that lists productions that are currently looking for actors, you can check out that link here.  Whether you’re seeking your first out of college job or if you’re on the search of a long lost love, there may be a Connecticut based show looking for you.

Perhaps being on-screen isn’t your dream either- Maybe you’re a gifted animation designer… or think you’d be an awesome receptionist at a media company.  Yep, Connecticut offers that too.  Click here to check out what other jobs are available in the media industry.  ESPN, WWE, NBC Connecticut, Blue Sky Studios- they all call Connecticut home.


Image: (c) iStock/Thinkstock

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