Connecticut seriously has some mighty fine beaches.  They’re absolutely gorgeous!  Also, they practically surround us.  I could never live in a state where the beach is more than an hour away from me because of this.

Believe me, I tried.  It didn’t end well.  Something about not being able to detect a hint of salt in the air, I think.

Anyways, our sandy shores are becoming somewhat of a crown jewel in our tourism industry.  Connecticut’s beaches are also tantalizingly close to some of the best restaurants and local attractions.  Sure, it’s no boardwalk, but we’ll take it.   There’s something intrinsically homey about our scenic ocean skylines.

So, Good House Keeping ranked the nation’s beaches and named two of Connecticut’s among the top.  Surprisingly, the magazine highlighted some of the state’s unsung heroes in their latest roundup.

Yeah, I kinda expected to see Hammonasset Beach or Silver Sands on the list.  Let’s be real, those places are pretty amazing.  Nothing is better than splashing around Hammonasset for the day and treating yourself to Lenny and  Joe’s before heading home.

But, GHK decided to highlight a different crowd this year.

Major congratulations are in order for Niantic and Old Saybrook!  They are this year’s top beaches in the state.  Honestly, the honor is well-deserved, too!

Niantic is right near Mystic Seaport and is close to some pretty unique restaurants like Skipper’s and Charlie’s Place.   Okay, Gumdrops & Lollipops is also worth a visit, too.

Not to mention, if you look behind you, you can also see Long Island Sound in some spots.   In all honesty, Niantic captures that small-town feel with a local charm that you can’t really find in Florida or California.  Because of that, the beaches tend to not be as crowded as some of Connecticut’s more famous beaches, too.

Old Saybrook is another beautiful location for a small family staycation.   There’s a reason why Katharine Hepburn called it home!

It’s slightly busier than Niantic, but that’s because Old Saybrook has a wicked Main Street that’s chock full of fun attractions.  Also, they’re home to the state-of-the-art Fenwick Golf Course where you can tee off while soaking in the beautiful ocean views.  You can’t beat that.

Also, Old Saybrook definitely isn’t lacking in restaurant offerings, either.  Fresh Salt and Red Hen are totally worth checking out after a day of building sandcastles in the sun.

So, it’s nice to think two of Connecticut’s beaches can stand toe-to-toe with the Key West and Newport Beach.   It’s something we’ve known all along, too.

Which beach is your go-to during the summer?

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