It was only a matter of time. After last year’s bear-stravaganza, we all knew the day would come when bears would be back in the headlines. And now it’s official: The bears are back in town.

According to Southington Patch, two schools in the town had to enter “secure” mode earlier this week when a black bear was spotted walking around nearby. The lockdown wasn’t lifted until police notified school officials that the bear had moved away from the schools.

It’s only March, so it’s hard to say why we’re seeing bears so early in the year. Maybe it’s the warm weather. Maybe they’re hungry. Or maybe this bear just finally wanted to earn its degree.

Maybe it dreamed of being a bear actor in Hollywood and wanted to pursue its dream before finishing school. Maybe it fell in with the wrong crowd and abandoned classes for gang activity. Or maybe this bear had to drop out of school way back when because it had to work and help its family make ends meet.

Whatever it was, the bear was back and seemed eager to hit the books. I can see it all now, this bear could have such bright future. A degree in bear studies with a minor in foraging for food. A high level job at a bear consulting firm. Maybe getting an advanced degree and spending its older years teaching at the local bear university. This bear could have had it all!

But after months of hibernation, staying focused on one’s goals isn’t easy. Just think about how hard it is for you to get moving after a nap. We’re not so different, bears and humans. Just look at where this bear headed as it moved away from the schools: Rogers Orchard. A post-nap snack? Please, if that doesn’t remind you of a few dozen Saturday afternoons in your life, you’re doing it wrong.

On a serious note though, wildlife experts are apparently warning Connecticut residents about early bear sightings because of the warm weather. So if you live in a town that gets a lot of bear sightings, be vigilant and aware of your surroundings.

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