I don’t know if i should be proud of this….or cry!! Congratulations University of Hartford grads…we made it on a list… finally…not for our awesome education, not for having a winning basketball team..(GO HAWKS)… but, for leaving students with the WORST DEBT upon graduation!!! I can testify to this claim. I went to University of Hartford and 12 years later (god, I’m aging myself) I’m still paying off my overpriced education.

According to a new report that ranks colleges that leave students with the worse debt. They ranked 20 private colleges and universities throughout the country. 2 CT schools made the list..aren’t we lucky!!The project said the average debt for a 2013 graduate is $28,400. Roughly 69 percent of students graduated with some debt. In terms of private schools, the average loan balance is $36,388. High-debt schools had graduates with an average debt of $44,819.

The list includes the University of the Sciences in Philadelphia ranked first with an average debt of $71,370. The University of Hartford was third with an average debt of $45,778. Sixth on the list was Quinnipiac University in Hamden. Its average student debt was $44,552.

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The next study they should do is the average starting salary of someone who went to these private schools..Now, that would be interesting!!

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