Forget something?  As it turns out we nutmeggers tend to leave a log of strange things behind in our Uber.  So much so, in fact, the company made a list!

NBC Connecticut reports that the usual phone, keys, and wallet top the list.  However, the rest of the list delves into the downright bizarre.

Also, it makes you wonder what kind of passenger that poor Uber driver had to deal with.

Uber says people left diamonds, fish, packaged sausages, and birth certificates behind.  Gotta love CT.  People here are so rich they have no problem leaving DIAMONDS behind in their Uber.

Also making the list was chicken breasts, leftovers from Olive Garden, and a tiara.  Some items just tell a story and this is one I don’t want to hear.

In addition, the ride sharing service also broke down how forgetful we are.  In a helpful graphic, they said people tend to leave more books behind on Wednesdays.  Sundays tend to see the most forgotten phones.  Lastly, people tend to lose more money in the backseat on Saturdays.

Also, don’t ride in an Uber on a Tuesday if you just renewed your passport.  Those tend to be the most forgotten item on those days.

Just thought you should know.   Here’s the graphic in case you needed to see it for yourself:

Anyways, CT people tend to forget the most things during the weekend.  Some individual days stood out, too: January 21st, New Year’s Day, October 29th,July 23, and April 30th.

Curious about the overall top 10 list of forgotten things in CT Ubers?

  1. Phone
  2. Wallet
  3. Keys
  4. Clothing
  5. Glasses
  6. Bag
  7. Vape
  8. Headphones
  9. Backpack
  10. Money

Huh.  Seems very fitting and also somewhat stereotypical.  But, once you peruse the list of the strangest items left behind, then you realize this list definitely came from our state.

Personally, my favorite item on the weird list is the “light blue personal planner with coupons for Wendy’s, Burger King.”  Although, “Green and black rollerblades (size 12)” is a very close 2nd.

What items have you left behind in your Uber?  Also, I invite any and all Uber drivers to share stories about the treasures they found in their backseat!

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