Most of us are familiar with Uber as the slightly over-priced savior that gets us home after a long night out on the town and the mistaken notion that “we’ll be good to drive” by the time we want to head home. It never happens that way, and we all know it.

Thankfully, Uber will gladly pick you up after your ninth beer and drop your drunk butt wherever it needs to be. They’ll be especially glad if it’s during surge pricing. But either way, it spares the rest of us from your drunk driving and it gets you home safely.

Now, in Connecticut and Massachusetts, Uber wants to serve another valuable role in the community by transporting patients from hospital to hospital. According to WTNH, Uber is launching a “new service” in both states that will offer to transport patients who need to get from one hospital to another for their treatment.

I put “new service” in quotations because I’m not sure why patients couldn’t order an Uber¬†before this official launch. Like, if you’re at St. Francis Hospital and you need to get to Griffin Hospital for some reason, what was stopping you from getting an Uber?

I would think nothing was stopping you, but maybe I’m missing something about this new program. Maybe it’s free? Maybe it’s covered by your health insurance? Maybe these particular Ubers have sirens and lights and can disobey traffic laws to get you there quickly?

Frankly, I don’t know, but if it means Uber can use lights and sirens to get me to my late night, drunken pizza binge a little faster too, I’m all for it.

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