In case you missed it the UCONN Huskies beat Michigan State 60-54 on Sunday to advance to the Final Four. If you happened to be on the UCONN campus after the win you were witness to a reprehensible scene. One person was arrested for setting newspapers on fire and objects were thrown by revelers. Although no injuries were reported.

C’mon UCONN! You gotta step up your game! Your team just beat the #4 team and advanced to the Final Four! You gotta roll cars over and smash windows. Your celebration was so tame the police didn’t even classify it as a riot! If you want the #1 ranked Florida Gators to fear your team you have to act like animals. Make them think you are willing to drive down to Arlington to get crazy on their asses.

Should the Huskies beat the Gators and advance to the Championship on Saturday I expect a lot more from UCONN fans. No fatalities though, you have to save that for when they win the Championship.


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